Future Events

Our regular monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the Orlando Woodcraft Store starting at 7pm.  In addition to our regular monthly meetings, we oftentimes have additional events at other venues.

January 10, 2019

Sharpening of Chisels and Plane Irons - by Mike Lonergan


Mike will demonstrate the basics of sharpening chisels and plane irons will be covered, including; hollow grinding with a bench grinder, honing using oil, water, and diamond stones, stropping, and putting a camber on a plane iron.

February 14, 2019

Precision Woodworking - by Sylvan Wells


In February we will be joined by Sylvan Wells, a Luthier here in Florida.   Sylvan is a guitar maker and will demonstrate precision woodworking in the context of his trade.  These principals apply to any woodworker and in any project.   Specifically, he will cover the basic principles of making jigs and fixtures to increase a woodworkers’ accuracy and speed in their execution of woodworking ideas.   To learn more you can visit his web site at http://www.wellsguitars.com    You can get a video introduction at https://youtu.be/LRn8A1rQRp8

March 14, 2019

Down Draft Sanding Table - by David Veatch


In March David Veatch our topic will be Sanding: Making the part of woodworking everyone hates, less painful.  We will examine whether to sand or not to sand; i.e. hand planed, scraped and sanded – pros and cons.  Also, how fine?  Getting the most from random orbit sanders.  How to control the dust.  Building a downdraft table.

2019 Events at a Glance

Meeting DatePresentorTopic
Jan 10, 2019Mike LonerganTool Sharpening
Feb 14, 2019 Sylvan WellsPrecision Woodworking
Mar 14, 2019David Veatch Down Draft Sanding Table
Apr 11, 2019Randy Jaye, NAWCC Chapter President Clock Making
May 9, 2019Gary Broersma Turned Bowls with Ink Detailing
Jun 13, 2019Gary WestQuarter Turned Columns
Jul 11, 2019Mike Gove T.B.D
Aug 8, 2019Kate SwannT.B.D
Sep 12, 2019Sean Bernath Building a CNC Router
Oct 10, 2019Joe KunzmanElectronics in the Shop
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