Garrett Hack - Febuary 2019

Meet and greet on Friday night, February 22, 2019

Introducing Garrett, show his work, life, how he designs, practical and interesting.

Weekend seminar on Saturday/Sunday February 23/24, 2019

 Why are some pieces of furniture so appealing, elegant, and well made? Design is a factor, but so are the many choices the maker makes, which techniques, joints, woods, and details. We will explore this building process, looking at design, hand tools, strong joinery, wonderful details, and how to work efficiently and accurately — practical stuff and very useful. 
 –  This program is relevant to machine woodworkers and hand tool purists, and whether you make traditional or contemporary work. 
  • We begin with a discussion of design illustrated by many images of a range of styles, from historic to contemporary. Why are some pieces of furniture so appealing, others less so? How does the maker draw your eye to certain elements, resolve design issues, and actually build the piece efficiently? By using images of his work and some demos Garrett will explain about how to get started on a design, choosing appropriate materials, using contrast, (and how the wood will age), and choosing effective building techniques and details. 
  • How you actually build your design, whether working with hand tools and/or machines is up next. How do you design and cut strong joinery, polished surfaces and appealing curves, while working efficiently and accurately?  He will demonstrate typical techniques that he does almost daily — smoothing surfaces to a polish, edge jointing two boards, molding edges, bevels, chamfers and curves. He will also talk about tuning your tools and sharpening, from the common hand tools to the more unusual. 
  • Two essential joints are next on the program, mortise and tenons and tapered or straight sliding dovetails, worth investigating how to both cut them accurately and design them to be as strong as possible. We use mortise and tenons for everything from door construction to chairs, with almost unlimited variations. The sliding dovetail is an incredibly useful and strong joint for case construction and can be cut accurately with a router and some hand tools.
  • The last area that Garrett will cover is details. He will discuss many decorative techniques that are practical, attractive, and useful — inlays, beads, cockbeads, chamfers, fans, dot/dash lines, bandings, and using materials such as shells or metals. He will also demonstrate how to make scratchstocks and the cutters that make this such a useful tool for more than just details. 

"Hands-On" sessions on Monday/Tuesday February 25/26, 2019


Details can be fun and add interest, but they are also practical — softening an edge or lightening the visual weight of a part. We will explore lots of practical details and techniques — at your pace — making delicate string or line inlays, cutting in surface inlays such as panels or diamonds, making patterned bandings, and using non-wood materials such as metal, shell, or bone. We will also focus on complementary moulded edges, chamfers, side beads and proud cockbeads used to highlight the edge of a table apron or drawer.

We will work almost entirely by hand, so naturally sharpening, tuning, and using hand tools will be discussed. We are even going to make some of those hand tools, amazing scratchstocks used to cut precise inlay grooves and small molded surfaces.

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