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Garrett Hack Seminar - Tool and Material List

This list is for members that will be attending the Garrett Hack 2-day hands-on sessions on Monday/Tuesday February 25/26, 2019.   Garrett has recommended students bring the following tools and materials to the class.


  • Block plane
  • #4 or similar bench plane
  • Several chisels, 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” and any you own that are very narrow (1/16”)
  • Mallet or hammer to drive chisels
  • Fine saw (dovetail saw)
  • Square
  • Card scraper
  • Knife
  • Pencil
  • Round chain saw file, 1/8 – 5/16” diameter, and flat mill file 8 – 10” long  (for making scratchstocks)


  • Students will need to bring a nice board of cherry (best), walnut, maple, mahogany to practice on, roughly 4 – 6” wide, 16- 20” long, planed to 1” – 3/4”.
  • We will need some inlay materials. I can supply these, or students can bring some of their own, in which case we will need a bandsaw to work them to useful dimension. Maybe they have a nice piece of crotch or figure they would like to work with, or learn to make stringing from a chunk of rosewood.
  • We will also need steel for our tools, which I can also bring. I use old handsaws and sometimes bandsaw steel. Cutting it up is the difficult part.
Last updated: 11/20/18
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